Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Come Up With Your Products?

They really are inspired by nature.  Noyers-sur-Jabron in the area of Haute-Provence in France has some truly idyllic days; however, some days can be harsh, especially in "la garrigue" as we affectionately call it, where the hot sun can beat down on you during the day followed by strong winds that whip through the mountains - leaving you tired and chapped.  The idea was born to create skin and hair care products that were pure like the nature around us, easily applied, and easily transported, so that we could be prepared for the conditions yet still enjoy the rugged simplicity of our family home.

Is It Heavy?

No.  Usually we don't like to say no, but we make an exception for ingredients.  Our products are not greasy or oily or slimy - our chemist selected components that will work together to create a lightweight but effective shield for your skin and hair.

How Do I Use These Products?

Skin Shield was designed for use on the hands and cheeks.  It was first created to solve a problem of lotion that is easily carried, quickly applied, and won't leak in your bag.  Then we gave a sample to someone at the office, and it became popular.  It turns out that people who work with a lot of paper get dry hands, too; however, they cannot use oily lotions that will smear important documents.  Our formulation comes in a twist-up tube for easy application, goes on dry and forms a protective barrier without drips, blobs, or accidental spills.

Can You Design a Product for Me?

Yes. Our chemist loves a challenge.  If you have special sensitivities, let us know so that we can design a product to perfectly suit you.

Why Unscented?

Our basic product is unscented, because some people are sensitive to perfumes and other people don't want a product that masks or clashes with their preferred perfume.

What Is Designer Scent? 

If you prefer a scent (like roses, strawberries, or pine) or if you want your product to not clash with or even to smell like your favorite perfume, then we can design a scented product just for you.

Do You Really Want to Hear From Me?

Yes.  We want you to love these products as much as we do, so if you have a suggestion, comment, or just want to let us know how you are doing, then drop us a line.